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Australia Skilled Migrant Visa – State Nomination Program Closures

South Australia

From Monday, 24th June, the South Australia Government will be closing the General Skilled Migration (GSM) State nomination applications for the 190 and 489 Visa. The system will re-open in July. The date and time are yet to be confirmed. This means that from 24th June till re-opening of the new program in July no sponsorship applications can be lodged with South Australia Government.

From 24th June, any unsubmitted or incomplete application will be deleted.

If you have a pending South Australia State Sponsorship, you need to pay and submit the application before Monday, 24th June.



The Victoria Government closed the State Sponsorship/Nomination applications on Wednesday, 10th June. This includes applications for the Skilled Migrant Visa and Business Visa. A new nomination applications system will be launching on 15th July. Untill then, the Victoria Government new sponsorship and nomination applications are suspended.


The Queensland Government is not accepting new State Nomination applications until July. The Skilled Migrant Visa program is expected to re-open in July 2019 with an updated list of occupations and State nominations requirements.


If you are planning to apply for State Sponsorship from the above or other Australia State Governments, contact us now to discuss how we can assist with preparing your sponsorship application ready for urgent lodgement as soon as the new nomination program re-open in July: [email protected] or call us on 0207 427 5920

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