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Australia Visa Health Requirements

Australia Visa Health Requirements

Applicants for certain Australian Visa are required to meet the Visa health requirements as part of the Visa application process. The purpose of the health requirements is to protect the Australian community from threats to public health, contain public expenditure on health and community services, and safeguard the access of Australian residents to health and other community services in short supply.

If requested by the Immigration Office, medical examinations for Visa purposes are conducted by approved panel physicians. The type of medical examination depends on several factors such as:

  • the applicant’s proposed length of stay in Australia
  • the applicant’s country’s of residence or recent overseas travels to high health risk countries.
  • the applicant’s intended activities in Australia
  • visa being applied for
  • country of passport & previous travel history
  • the applicant’s medical history
  • the results of any standard health examinations.
  • if the applicant is likely to work (or be a trainee) at an Australian childcare centre (including preschools and crèches)
  • if the applicant is pregnant and intending to give birth in Australia (either onshore or offshore visa applicant)
  • if the applicant is likely to enter a health care or hospital environment

All applicants included in the Visa application ( such as spouse and children) must also pass the health assessment. In addition, non-migrating family unit members (such as children from previous relationships) might require the medical assessment though this requirement is discretionary since introduction of immigration policy changes in July 2017.

Standard medical examination includes:

1. Medical history questionnaire
2. Chest X rays (for applicants over the age of 11)
3. Blood/HIV test (for applicants over the age of 15)
4. Hepatitis B test (might be required from nurses/doctors or teachers)
5. Additional tests or reports might be required.

In most Visa applications, the medical examination request is issued by the Australian Immigration Department  once the application has been reviewed. In some cases, medical reports can be frontloaded to the application. Medical examination reports are valid for 12 months.

Medical reports validity can be extended in limited circumstances. Otherwise, applicants with unfinalised Via applications and expiring medical reports will have to repeat the tests.

Most Visa operate the “One fails, all fail” criteria, meaning a failure to meet health requirement by one of the applicants, will result in everyone’s Visa refusal.
In limited cases, a health waiver can be applied for.

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