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Attention all prospective migrants to Australia,this update explains new updates for Australian Migration

Australian Migration Rules are a changing

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Exciting news awaits you regarding recent updates to Section 97 of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act), as announced by the Australian Government. These changes, effective from 23 March 2024, are designed to enhance the integrity of Australia’s international education sector and ensure that only genuine students and education providers have access to its world-class institutions.


What are the changes?

Under Section 97 of the ESOS Act, the Australian Government has been granted the authority to issue suspension certificates to education providers if it is believed that a significant number of overseas students are entering or remaining in Australia for purposes not aligned with their visas. This provision serves to maintain the integrity of the Australian visa system and uphold the standards of international education within the country.

The latest legislative amendments, outlined in the Migration Regulations 1994, further support the Immigration Minister’s power under Section 97 of the ESOS Act. These regulations prescribe specific criteria that the Minister may consider when contemplating the issuance of suspension certificates to education providers. Factors such as a provider’s score, among others, may influence the decision-making process.


How Migration Outcomes are used to prevent fraud

Reports containing scores for education providers are generated biannually, in March and September, based on 12 months of immigration outcomes. Additionally, the Minister may take into account various factors outlined in Section 97 of the ESOS Act, including the number of visa applications refused due to fraudulent documents, breaches of visa conditions by students, and unlawful stays in Australia after course completion.

Education providers under consideration for suspension will be notified in advance and given a minimum of seven days to respond before a final decision is made by the Minister. If a suspension certificate is issued, the affected provider will be prohibited from recruiting new international students for a period of six months or for the duration of the suspension.


How this benefits students

These regulatory changes are part of a broader package of reforms introduced as part of the Australian Government’s Migration Strategy. They reflect the government’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and reputation of Australia’s international education sector while ensuring that overseas students have access to high-quality educational opportunities.

As of 23 March 2024, these new regulations will come into effect, ushering in a new era of accountability and transparency within Australia’s international education landscape. Prospective migrants are encouraged to stay updated on these developments as they prepare to embark on their educational journey in Australia.

Transitioning smoothly into this new regulatory framework, we anticipate a more robust and reliable international education sector in Australia, offering unparalleled opportunities for students from around the globe.

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The ESOS Act, containing these vital provisions, can be accessed through the Federal Register of Legislation – Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000. Detailed information regarding the legislative amendments will be provided upon publication. Contact Greg Veal at Emigrate to Australia on 020 7427 5975

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Australian Migration is changing

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