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Jobs in Australia


Looking for jobs in Australia? We can help with securing a suitable Australian Visa with work rights. Contact us to discuss your Australian Visa eligibility and how we can help with your application.


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Jobs in Australia

Jobs in Australia

With strengths in such sectors as Health Care, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Education and Training, Manufacturing industries as well as IT services, Australia is a highly logical place to move for your next job. However, you must first determine whether you qualify for an Australian Visa that would enable you to work in the country. This depends on having experience in an occupation on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), which together detail the in-demand occupations in Australia. Whether you intend to emigrate to Australia as a social worker, civil engineering technician, landscape architect, systems analyst, special needs teacher or any of a vast range of other eligible jobs, we can assist you in applying for a visa.


Here are some tips how to find jobs in Australia
Qualifications and skills:

Based on recent survey conducted by the Australian Department of Employment, 93% of newly created job require post-school education, such as Bachelor Degree, Advanced Diploma or Certificate Level III/IV. Improving your education and training is becoming increasingly important.

What Australian employers are looking for:

• Skills, knowledge and qualifications
• Motivation and reliability
• Willingness to build your skills
• Willingness to gain experience
• Interest in the industry
• Work ethics
• Communication skills

Soft skills are equally important to employers as technical skills and experience as well as transferable skills.

Soft skills include:

• enthusiastic, reliable and engaged
• good communication skills
• well-mannered and presented
• good people skills

Transferable skills:

• critical thinking
• digital literacy
• creativity
• problem solving
• financial literacy

How to find jobs in Australia:

Australian Employers use a variety of recruitment methods to fill vacancies. It is important you adapt a variety of job search strategies. According to the recent data, 56% of Australian employers advertise vacancies on the internet or newspapers. Other methods include word of mouth, being approached directly by job seekers, social media and networking. Be proactive and adapt to modern recruitment processes. Many employers use technology to research candidates online, conduct video/Skype interviews or simulate work environments. Employers may post vacancies on internal organisation websites, make sure you check those regularly for newly advertised positions.

Résumé & cover letters:

Make sure you match each application to the specific job you are applying for. A generic Resume might not be suitable for each position. Make sure your résumé is current and highlights your transferable skills. Ensure it looks and reads well and above all, make sure spelling, punctuation and grammar is perfect.

How to prepare for your job interview:

Do your research, learn about the organisation and the industry it is operating in, call or visit the organisation, ask questions to properly understand the job. Use modern technology and resources such as Google. When attending interviews, wear appropriate clothes and have a tidy appearance. Follow up on your application as this is your opportunity to make a good first impression and to demonstrate an understanding of the job.


Regional strengths may help determine your next move.

There are also various differences among Australia’s six states and two territories that can greatly influence your choice of area in which to seek work in the country. Whenever possible, try not to limit your search to one area. Employers in remote and regional areas are more likely to struggle to recruit hence your chances of getting a job may be better.

Seek a job in the most appropriate region of Australia.

One may opt to move to Western Australia, for example, with its capital of Perth, a city on the banks of the Swan River combining a Mediterranean style climate with major cultural and artistic venues.

Alternatively, the Northern Territory may be your destination, or one could head to South Australia. Here, one can find Adelaide, which is widely regarded as the country’s wine and festival capital. Queensland, meanwhile, offers Brisbane, with a population growing faster than any other city in the country. A sub tropical climate has also made tourism a key sector here.

Many others emigrating to Australia, however, can’t possibly ignore the country’s largest city, Sydney in New South Wales. It’s here where many of the nation’s defining landmarks, like Syndey Opera House and Sydney Harbour, can be found.

Tasmania has the capital Hobart, which is home to the testing blue water sailing classic, the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Melbourne in Victoria, meanwhile, has some of the country’s finest cafes and restaurants. The Nation’s Capital in the Australian Capital Territory, though, is Canberra, being the location of national institutions as well as Federal Parliament.

When to apply for the Australian Visa

If you qualify for the Skilled Migrant Visa, you may start contacting Australian employers once your visa has been aproved. Applicants with visas on their own rights may be better candidates to those who require Employer sponsorship.

For those with job offers, you need to look into requirements to apply for the Employer Sponsored Visa. Those applications can be complext and you are welcome to contact us to discuss the process. We can talk to your prospective employer to explain the Sponsorship process and sponsorship obligation and monitoring requirements.

To discuss how we can help with your Visa for Jobs in Australia, call us on 0207 427 5290, email us [email protected] or complete the form on the right hand side.

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