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Engineering Jobs in Australia

Are you an engineer considering moving to Australia, if so we can help with your visa requirements?

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Engineering Jobs in Australia

Emigrate to Australia is an independent company based in the UK and is not affiliated with the Australian Government. You should be aware that Australian visas are available from the Australian Government website. We are a MARA registered migration agents and offer visa and immigration servicesAre you an electrical engineer, transport engineer, electronics engineer, industrial engineer or mechanical engineer considering coming to work in Australia?

If so, you may be interested to know that all of the aforementioned engineering occupations are sought-after in the country, having made recent appearances on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) alongside many similar and related occupations.

Australia offers abundant economic opportunities to engineers across its states, territories and major cities, in addition to a good climate, beaches and global city activities and attractions, as part of a rewarding lifestyle.

Electrical jobs in Australia

As an electrical engineer in Australia, you may work for a manufacturing company, mining company, management consultants, the public service or the construction sector.

There are plentiful opportunities across Australia for electrical engineers possessing the right skills, as shown by the employment of almost 19,000 electrical engineers across the country, with average gross weekly earnings of AUD$1,450.

Licensing is required, however, for electrical engineers planning to work in the building industry, and this should be applied for after you have secured your visa, but before you set off for Australia.

Plumbing jobs in Australia

If you are a plumber whose occupation appears in the most recent SOL, you may wish to contact us about a visa application.

There are presently more than 92,000 plumbers in the country, with average gross weekly earnings of AUD$1,000. General plumbers, roof plumbers and air conditioning and mechanical services plumbers have all been in particular demand as of late.

You might be employed in any of a wide range of industries as a plumber, including electricity, gas, water and waste services, public administration and safety or construction.

Construction jobs in Australia

Contact us now about landing your dream construction job in Australia. For example, there were more than 20,000 engineers working in construction in the country according to the 2011 census. To apply for a visa, however, you will need to ensure that your occupation is mentioned in the latest SOL.

A valid application will also depend on obtaining a skills assessment from the appropriate assessing authority. Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) can provide such an assessment for most trades if you intend to migrate to Australia, and provides national recognition in building and construction trades for those living in the country permanently.

Taking the right path to a successful application is our forte. We are MARA Registered Migration Agents and members of the Migration Alliance. In addition we operate within a highly reputable law firm Taylor Hampton Solicitors. If you are interested in finding out more about how your design qualifications and experience can work for you in Australia give us a call on 020 7427 5290 or complete the form on the right.

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