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Susan Close, Deputy PM for Australia

Susan Close, Deputy PM for Australia

The Albanese Labor Government, in collaboration with the Malinauskas Labor Government, has taken significant steps to address critical skills shortages and boost economic growth in South Australia. This marks a groundbreaking moment in Australian migration, especially beneficial for the region. The agreement, titled “Nurses, trades, and teachers in, red tape for employers out: A better migration agreement for South Australia,” aims to provide up to 2000 positions for regional employers outside of Adelaide. This initiative seeks to fill local worker shortages and improve essential services in regional South Australian communities.

Objectives of the Agreement

The primary goal of this agreement is to simplify the process of hiring skilled workers, focusing on sectors crucial for regional development. By bringing in care workers, nurses, and teachers to regional areas, the agreement addresses immediate labour shortages while fostering community growth. Additionally, it benefits Adelaide’s tech economy by facilitating the hiring of tech workers, which is expected to promote innovation, economic growth, and job creation for locals.

An important aspect of this initiative is reducing bureaucratic hurdles for employers. The Albanese Labor Government aims to increase job opportunities under the agreement while simplifying requirements, empowering businesses, and stimulating economic activity. Occupations such as bricklayers and construction workers have been added to the list, recognizing the diverse skill sets necessary for infrastructure projects and economic development.

Safety and welfare of migrant workers are paramount for both the Albanese and Malinauskas Governments. They are committed to ensuring fair pay and working conditions for migrant workers, reflecting a genuine collaboration to create a migration system that serves the best interests of South Australians.

Statement by Immigration Minister Andrew Giles

Federal Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs, Andrew Giles, emphasized the government’s dedication to rectifying past shortcomings in immigration policies. He highlighted the swift action taken to overhaul the system, making it more accessible and equitable for South Australians. Giles reiterated the benefits of the South Australian migration agreement, stressing its positive impact on businesses, local workers, and regional communities.
Deputy Premier Susan Close echoed Giles’s sentiments, emphasizing the urgent need for skilled workers in regional areas, especially in healthcare and education sectors. She highlighted the crucial role skilled migrants would play in addressing shortages and bolstering essential services in regional schools, aged care facilities, and hospitals. Additionally, Close underscored the agreement’s role in facilitating South Australia’s transition to a high-tech manufacturing state, enabling employers to access the necessary skills for major projects and economic diversification.


The migration agreement between the Albanese and Malinauskas Gouvernments ushers in a new era of opportunity and growth for South Australia. By addressing critical skills shortages, reducing bureaucratic impediments, and prioritizing the welfare of migrant workers, this initiative embodies a commitment to building thriving, inclusive communities and fostering sustainable economic development. As the agreement unfolds, it reshapes the landscape of Australian migration, paving the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for South Australia and its residents. For more information, contact our Head of Australian Migration, Greg Veal on 020 7427 5975.

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