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Event Overview Migration to South Australia

This update reports on Australian Migration Opportunities.  On Monday, June 3, 2024, an informative session titled “Move to South Australia” launched at The RAG – Army and Navy Club in London. The session aimed to provide insights and guidance to UK residents considering migration to South Australia. Specifically it targeted individuals with skills in in-demand occupations across various industries.

Rundle St Adelaide Migration to South Australia by Taylor Hampton Solicitors

Adelaide, Rundle Street

Objectives of the London Conference

South Australia actively seeks a skilled and diverse workforce to support the development of its priority sectors and to drive economic growth. The event focused on recruiting talent for large-scale projects in the trades and construction industry,. Moreover, it focused on opportunities in the medical, education, ICT, and engineering sectors.

Key Highlights

Living in South Australia: Participants learned about the benefits of living and working in one of the world’s most liveable places down under. The session highlighted the state’s vibrant lifestyle, excellent infrastructure, and welcoming community.

Priority Occupations: The session emphasized the demand for skilled workers in trades and construction due to ongoing and upcoming large-scale projects in South Australia. Additionally, there are opportunities in medical, education, ICT, and engineering fields.

Migration Process Tips: Attendees gleaned valuable tips on navigating the migration process. As a result, they duly-prepared for their move to South Australia and life down under.

Migrate to Australia Taylor Hampton SOlicitors

Insights from Greg Veal, Migration Expert

Greg Veal, Head of Migration from Emigrate to Australia, shared crucial insights regarding the migration landscape. He discussed the competition among Australian states for visa places for state sponsorship, noting that these allocations are determined by the federal government.

Veal highlighted that last year saw a significant reduction in the number of visa places available. This, of course, impacts the state sponsorship programs. As such, the reduction meant fewer opportunities across various occupations. In fact, with trades often being channeled through state sponsorship. However, there’s a potential increase in visa allocations now leading to more opportunities for skilled tradespeople.

Furthermore, Veal explained the significance of the 190 and 491 visas, which are state government visas. An increase in visa allocations would allow for a wider range of occupations to be nominated by state governments, enhancing the diversity of skilled migrants in South Australia.

Conclusion Australian Migration Opportunities

The “Move to South Australia – Information Session” successfully provided attendees with comprehensive information on migration opportunities to South Australia. With insights from industry experts like Greg Veal, participants gained a clear understanding of the benefits, requirements, and processes ito relocate.  Indeed, it is a vibrant State and as such should difinitly be explored.  Greg heads up Emigrate-to-Australia from Taylor Hampton Solicitors, experts in immigration services, phone hacking, defamation and litigation disputes.   Therefore, if you would like to speak to Greg, about Australian Migration Opportunities call +442044275970 or email [email protected]

Migration to South Australia photo of Adelaide from Emigrate-to-AustraliaSouth Australia, Adelaide Street Scene

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