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Emigration to Australia is still a dream for many people around the world. The effect that Covid 19 is having on international movement in all countries across the globe has severely impacted people’s ability to travel.  Even movement internally in the US and Australian States has been stopped for now.

The big question is when will this situation reverse and what will the future look like.

Without a crystal ball is it impossible to predict exactly how the world will start to return to  ‘normal’ again and open up across all borders.

At the time of writing, the Covid 19 Epidemic is still far from played out. Although a lot of countries have seen their first peak and sadly a lot of deaths. In other parts of the world the rates of infection and deaths are still climbing. So, to say that things may return to normal soon may not be the case.

At the moment, Australia is taking tentative steps internally towards opening up again to the outside world is still a while away from being implemented. Australia has luckily not been as badly affected by the Virus as other countries, with the relative isolation and testing and tracking working well in halting a major spread throughout the country.

So, what will Australia look like? Currently the States are still operating very much their own strategies for loosening of the restrictions. The other effect that has certainly been felt is the widespread unemployment and freezing of commerce that the Virus has caused.

This now puts the Government in an interesting position as they are going to have to weigh up the Stimulus that is needed for the Economy short and long term against the high unemployment and spectre of the return of Covid 19 from a secondary spike caused from importing new cases from overseas.

It is these two things that I want to look at. The Australian Government has for a long time now used Immigration as a monetary stimulus to pump up the economy. This has been probably felt most in the City housing markets. So, with plans being mooted to build public housing, there may well be a need for new construction related workers. (This however, may take a bit longer as the domestic surplus caused by Covid 19 is re-absorbed into the construction markets).

Yes, there is unemployment at the moment in Australia and a lot of people may well say that Migration is not needed at the moment. This to some extent may be the case in the short term, but as things progress, the reasons for the Migration Program that exists in Australia will be as valid as ever.

With regards to the import of the virus from foreign shores, this is a valid concern, but without some form of starting to reintroduce travel and widespread trade, things will become economically worse. Therefore, the quarantining of people that has already been put in place with the Australians and their immediate families returning to Australia, will need to continue. If managed properly the introduction of new arrivals can be a good Stimulus to the economy without seeing any increase in Transmission levels.

The Immigration landscape may also change in the short term with less people being let into the country under the Skilled Migration Program. This coupled with slower processing of Australia Spouse Visa cases and the inability of other Temporary Visa holders to return back into Australia or start positions after gaining their visas, means less Migration at the moment.

How the Government will set the level of Migration in the near future will depend on the argument between getting the economy going and moving the focus of the labour market to Australian Residents. Stopping the virus in both these cases will depend on the spread and the measures to control the spread.

Emigrate-to-Australia at Taylor Hampton awaits the outcome and is available to support and its agents are on hand to help with questions and queries.

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