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Australian Migration – November 2017 News


Regional Postcode Changes – Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)

As at 17th November 2017 Australian employers wishing to employ overseas workers to take up positions based in Perth and surrounding areas will no longer be able to use the RSMS Visa program. This change applies to applications lodged on or after 17th November 2017, however we are aware that WA Regional Certifying Bodies ceased processing applications submitted on or after 13th March 2017. Certain occupations where caveats apply (*regional positions) will be also affected be the change (457 and 186 visa programs).

This change may also affect applicants looking to claim age exemption when applying under the Temporary Residence Transition stream.

457 Health Insurance

From 17th November 2017 applicants applying under the 457 Employer Sponsored Visa are no longer required to provide evidence of health insurance. The applicants are required to declare on the application form that health insurance arrangements have been made.

457 Police Certificates

The 457 Visa applicants are reminded that a police clearance certificate must be provided with the application should their stay in Australia exceed 12 months. A police certificate must be provided for each country in which the applicant has lived for at least 12 months in the past 10 years prior to applying for the Visa. New changes strengthening Character Integrity checks are now in force.

New Visa Condition 8602

Applicants applying for certain Visas must comply with the 8602 condition which requires applicants not have outstanding public health debts in Australia. The debts relate to the cost of any health related services (including aged care services) received in Australia, excluding costs covered by health insurance, Medicare, cost of treatment of certain community health risk, such as tuberculosis. If applicants have outstanding debts, these need to be clear to avoid visa refusal or visa cancellations. Condition will be mandatory for certain visa subclasses (such as Prospective Marriage Visa, Temporary Work (Short Stay), Working Holiday, Skilled Migrant Regional, Visitor and many others. Some visa subclasses might have the condition attached on discretionary basis.

For further details and how the above Australian Migration changes might affect your Australian Visa eligibility contact us on 0207 427 5290 or email: [email protected]

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