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Australian Nursing Registration (AHPRA)


Upcoming changes to registration criteria for Internationally qualified Nurses and Midwives


The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia has announced changes to registration assessment for Internationally qualified Nurses and Midwives. The proposed changes are due to come in force in early and second half od 2019.


What is changing:


The current assessment model consists of eight assessment criteria, including qualifications and registration criteria. The new assessment model will reduce the assessment criteria to three criteria which will streamline the assessment process. The Board is also proposing to introduce an outcome-based assessment for Internationally qualified Nurses and Midwives who hold relevant but not substantially equivalent qualifications. Currently, overseas Nurses and Midwives whose qualifications have been assessed below AQF level 7 (Australian Bachelor Degree) are referred to a Bridging program. The new model will replace bridging programs with an outcome-based assessment. The assessment would include a cognitive and behavioural component as well as an orientation program. The outcome-based assessment will include a computer-based multiple choice questionnaire and behavioural assessment in the form of an objective structured clinical examination. The orientation program will include three parts:

Part one –  an online assessment to introduce overseas nurses and midwives  to Australia and the Australian healthcare system,

Part two – the diversity of the Australian culture and will be completed once registered with the NMBA and will be a condition of the initial registration until it is completed.

Part three will be provided by the employer, based on Board guidelines.

Further details, including costs and requirements of the new Australian Nursing registration model are due to be announced by the Board in the coming months.

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