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Australian Trade Skills Assessment


Changes to Trade Skills Assessment


Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) announced changes to the Trades Skills Assessment Programs coming in force on 1st March 2019.

TRA is an approved skills assessing authority providing assessments for prospective migrants  with trade occupations gained overseas or in Australia for the purpose of Australian migration and skills recognition.

The new changes affect applicants undergoing assessment under the following programs:

  • TSS Skills Assessment Program
  • Offshore Skills Assessment Program
  • Trades Recognition Service


New assessment requirement for employment and training


As of 1st March 2019, applicants with no Australian qualifications must provide verifiable evidence of employment and training. The amount of evidence will depend on occupation and type of training completed:

  • Licensed trade with no formal training – six years work experience
  • Licensed trade with formal training – four years work experience
  • Non-licensed trade with no formal training – five years work experience
  • Non-licensed trade with formal training – three years work experience.

Additionally, all applicants must have completed at least 12 months of employment in their nominated occupation in the three years prior to lodging their application.


Changes to assessment fee


The new assessment fee schedule starts from 1st March 2019.  All payments for skills assessment, including fees for Practical Test and Technical Interviews will go through the TRA portal.

Assessment step Fee Amount (GST Excl)
Documentary Evidence $1,280.00
Documentary Evidence Documentary Evidence – Review $700.00
Documentary Evidence – Reassessment $450.00
Technical Interview – Pathway 1 $2,000.00
Technical Interview – Pathway 1 – Review $700.00
Technical Interview – Pathway 1 – Reassessment $1,000.00
Technical Interview – Pathway 2 $900.00
Technical Interview – Pathway 2 – Review $700.00
Technical Interview – Pathway 2 Reassessment $450.00
Practical Assessment $2,200.00
Practical Assessment – Review $700.00
Practical Assessment – Reassessment $1,100.00


Emigrating to Australia as Trade Worker?

Are you a trade worker thinking of moving to Australia? Contact us to discuss how the above changes affect your Australian Visa application: [email protected] or call on 0207 427 5290.


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