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Australian Visa Application Fees

New fees apply from 1st July 2019


(…) In particular, the Regulations amend the Migration Regulations to increase first instalment VACs for a number of visas. The Regulations increase the majority of VACs so that they are increased by the 2019-20 forecast consumer price index (CPI) of 2.25 per cent as published in the 2019 – 20 Budget Paper No. 1. The base application charge of first instalment VACs for all visa subclasses, with the exception of the Subclass 600 (Visitor) visa, are also increased by 5.4 per cent in line with the one-off Visa Application Charge – uplift measure announced as part of the 2019-20 Budget. In effect, this means that the relevant VACs are increased by the cumulative total of the 2019-20 CPI increases and the additional uplift measure, rounded to the nearest $5 (…)
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