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Australia and UK sign a historic trade deal agreement

Today Australia and the UK have signed a free trade agreement, which will make exports to and from both countries cheaper.

As part of the deal, the Australian and British Prime Minister have agreed on raising the age requirement for the Working Holiday Maker visa in both countries. The Australian Working Holiday visa allows young people to live and work in Australia for a period of 12 months. The current age limit to apply for the WHM visa is 30 years old. The new proposed requirement extends the age limit to 35 for both, British and Australian holiday makers. The 35 years old age limit is already in place for French, Canadian and Irish passport holders applying under the Australian Working Holiday visa scheme. Under the new rules, British and Australia working holiday makers will be able to stay for up to three years in respective countries.

The exact numbers of people able to go to each country under these new rules is yet to be set however the move is expected to help to fill 26,000- worker shortage on Australian farms. No specific date has been set for the new visa to come in force.

At present, the Australian borders remain closed for international travel. An exemption to travel is still required to enter Australia. Australian citizens and certain visa holders are permitted to travel. Immediate family members such as spouses, partners and children of Australian citizens must apply for exemption unless they are holders of an eligible visa such as spouse or child visa.

The Australian Immigration Department continues to process visa applications under the spouse, partner, child, parent and business streams as well as those on the Critical Skills list. Applicants with job offers in occupations listed on the Critical skills list are being prioritised and are eligible for exemption to travel.

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