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…The importance of getting Australian Visa documentation correct 

Press attention over tennis star Novak Djokovic’s attempt to obtain a visa to enter Australia is created a furore.  It shows the complications of obtaining a visa to enter Australia.

Djokovic was detained after entering Australia due to issues with supporting documentation. , As the Australian Immigration Department felt that the documents did not comply with the border regulations.

Forced to reside in a Melbourne Hotel, the Serbian national was in Australia to compete in the Australian Open competition. The Association of Australian Tennis Professionals deemed the dispute damaging on all fronts. Despite having won a court appeal to stay in Australia, the Government may still seek his deportation.

This dispute highlights the need to have your documentation in order when seeking to process a visa. Given that complications in visa documentation details can prevent and or complicate entry, it’s important to use an Australian Migration Agent.

Taylor Hampton’s Emigrate to Australia agents are a law firm working for over 12 years in Australian Migration. Our experience shows that many people think they can manage ‘a few forms’ on their own. However once into the process, they often realise how complicated it is.

Whether a tennis player with experts behind you or an individual worker, your application may still be rejected. Therefore, you should  use experts detailed knowledge of both the requirements and correct submission of the supporting information.

Remember that misinterpreting a question on a form can result in your entry refusal.

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