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Skilled Independent Visa Invitations Number Down

In the first three months of the current Australian financial year the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection issued 5980 invitations to prospective Skilled Independent Visa (189) applicants. By comparison, in the last financial year the invitation number for the same period was 7500, which shows a significant fall in the Skilled Independent Visa intake.  With the Visa points remaining inflated, fewer applicants are able to apply for the Skilled Independent Visa (189). Many prospective applicants are  opting for sponsorship from a local State Government or employer nomination. The Regional Visa is becoming a more achievable option for those struggling to meet the minimum Visa points benchmark.

Prospective migrants wishing to apply for the Skilled Independ Visa (189) should aim to score at least 70 points, even though the current pass mark is 65 points. Occupations in Engineering, Accounting and IT groups need even higher scores to receive an invitation to apply for the Skilled Independent Visa (189).  Most applicants applying for the points tested Visa must sit an approved English language test to claim extra points. With Visa points required for invitation jump since October last year and much fewer Skilled Independent Visa applications being made, Australia might face a decline in migrants with suitable skills needed to fill shortages in many occupations.

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