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Australia Revives The Ten Pound Poms Scheme

The Ten Pound Poms Scheme was introduced in 1945 to migrate Brits to Australia and New Zealand.  Its purpose was to boost the economy after the Second World War.

Photograph of Sydney Harbour celebrating Return of the Ten Pound Poms Scheme

Ten Pound Poms Scheme Australian Migration

What is the history of the Ten Pound Poms?

In 1945 the Ten Pound Poms Scheme is a colloquial term to give British citizens a novel opportunity. It enables them to migrate to Australia for the grand total of £10 (or around £441 today), with children travelling free of charge.  The scheme was a ‘follow-on’ from the Big Brother Movement. The latter being another migration scheme set up in 1924 to attract youths from the British Isles to Australia. The Pom Scheme attracted over 1,000,000 people from 1945-1972.

Now, almost 70 years later, Australia re introduces the Ten Pound Poms Scheme to yet again attract youths from Britain onto the shores of Australia once again.

What does todays Ten Pound Poms Scheme entail?

If you are aged between 18-30 and dreaming of a life in sunny Oz, look no further than a price of a London pint.

There are some differences, however, from the 1945 Scheme in that the new scheme offers a £10 RETURN ticket. As a result, this means that you can live and work in Australia, with the guarantee of returning home.

Masterchef celebrity chef John Torode gave insight of the Scheme on Good Morning Britain this week and explained that:

“The idea is you fly into South Australia, you work there and if you work in a rural area for more than 12 weeks, you can also get a second year of your work visa.”

So, if you are between 18-30, you may be able to get a £10 ticket for an experience on one of the most beautiful terrains in the world.

There are currently 200 £10 return tickets, so act fast!

For more information:

For more information please contact Greg Veal Head of Emigrate to Australia’s Migration Service on 0207 427 5975.

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