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What’s going on in the World of Australian Migration

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Relocating to Australia

Relocating to Australia?     You may consider falling house prices as one of the reasons of relocating to Australia now.   There are a number of factors to consider when relocating to Australia. House prices are certainly one of them. Good news is...

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Australian Skills Assesssment

Australian Skills Assessment   What is a Skills assessment and do I need it to apply for a Visa to Australia?   Australian skills assessment is a process whereby applicant’s qualifications and work experience are assessed against Australian standards. The...

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Emigrate to Australia Trade Occupations In Demand

Trade Occupations In Demand For Australian Visa Thousands of Visa places remains unfilled for Trade Occupations Each year, the Australian Department allocates Visa places for certain occupations in demand. Whilst some occupations, such as IT, Accountants and Engineers...

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Australian Regional Emigration

Want less stress? Regional Australia is the way to go. Australian Regional Emigration The Australian Government is looking at initiatives to support regional workforce and population growth in smaller communities and ease strain on infrastructure in metropolitan...

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Working Holiday Australia Visa Age Limit Increase

Australia Visa Age limit for Working Holiday Makers increase for Canada and Ireland Following an announcement in December 2016 regarding the age increase for applicants for the Australian Working Holiday Visa (WHM), a new legal instrument was introduced on 31st...

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Character Test for Australian Visa To Get Tougher

Character Test for Australian Visa To Get Tougher Indroduction of "Designated Offences" On the 25th October 2018, a new Bill, Migration Amendment (Strengthening the Character Test) Bill 2018, was introduced in the Australian Parliament. The Bill, if passed will expand...

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Are You Looking For Trade Jobs In Australia?

Are You Looking For Trade Jobs In Australia? Emigrate-to-Australia at Taylor Hampton Solicitors is looking for different skilled tradespeople who are willing to relocate for trade jobs in Regional Areas in Australia. If you are a skilled and experienced electrician,...

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