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The New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa

The Subclass 461 Visa allows a New Zealand citizen to live, work and study in Australia for 5 years and it is granted with multiple entry. It also allows you to combine your application with other members of your family, so that they may join you in Australia.

The processing time for this visa usually takes between 7- 30 months, with the Australian Home Office stating the following processing times:

• 25% of applications: 7 months
• 50% of applications: 19 months
• 75% of applications: 23 months
• 90% of applications: 30 months

Last week, Emigrate to Australia sent a Subclass 461 Visa application for one of our clients, his wife and child. Within one week the Visa was granted, much to the delight and surprise of our client and his family. The remarkably fast turnaround can be explained by the fact that the correct evidence, documentations and orderly forms were sent to the Australian Home Office in a timely manner.

Can fast turnaround times be guaranteed?

We have to emphasise that this is not something that can be guaranteed and is unusual but it does show that the processing can be a lot quicker with the correct information and structure.

Visa processing times vary dramatically and can take up to 2 years in some cases. To ensure the best outcome for your application and a shorter turnaround of your rights being granted, get in touch with our MARA Agent, who has over 15 years of experience working in in the industry.

Where can I go for more information?

Emigrate-to-Australia is powered by Taylor Hampton Solicitors, a law firm regulated by the SRA.  As such we take extra care of our clients and abide by strict rules.  If you are looking to migrate down under, please ensure you choose a good agent with the right qualifications to work on your case.

Contact us by email: [email protected] or call Eugenie Abbott on 0207 427 5976. Those who wish to visit us, we are based in London, UK, 5 min walk from the Australian High Commission.

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