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Australian Migration – Legislative and Policy Changes


Skilled Occupations List

There have been major changes happening to Australian Migration in recent months. In April 2017 there was perhaps the biggest change with the Skilled Occupations List and Consolidated Skilled occupations list being replaced by the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and the Short Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL). These lists now have a reduced amount of Occupations on them as the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) have removed many Skilled occupations. This has meant that some occupations are no longer available for Migration to Australia. The DIPB have also announced the List of Occupations will be reviewed every 6 months with the next review expected in December 2017/January 2018.

Employer Sponsored Visa

The other significant change were the rules around the transition from Employer Sponsored Temporary 457 Visas to Employer Sponsored Permanent Visas. Where previously you could transition to Permanent Migration after 2 years in Australia with the same employer on a 457 Visa, now you may only do this if your occupation is on the (MLTSSL) list. So, this has meant a significant change for people who were looking at this route to Australian Permanent Residence when the Skilled or other routes may not be able to be done.

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There have also been announced major changes on the 457 fronts. In March 2018 the 457 Visa will be abolished and replaced by a new Visa type called the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (TSS). There are a lot of changes that will differ from each Temporary Visa Applicant, so the best thing is, if you are looking at Sponsorship to Australia with an employer, to call us and discuss your individual requirements.

Parent Visa

Another change that is due to come in is a new type of Parent Visa. This is a Temporary Parent Visa and will last for 5 years with a renewal possible for another 5 years. The new legislation was planned to be released in November 2017 but to date this has not happened. For current Parent visa options, please follow this link

Skilled Migration

Apart from the changes in the Skilled Occupations List, the Skilled Migration Visa requirements have not changed in so far as the points system itself apart from the lowering of the Age but further changes to both the points and types of visas available may happen. So, if you have an occupation that is on the list now then it is best to apply now or certainly as soon as you can as in the future your occupation may not be there or the requirements for Skills Assessments may have changed.

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