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Australian Nursing Registration – changes to the registration process


The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board (AHPRA) is changing the way internationally qualified nurses can register to work in Australia in their profession.

Registered Nurses and Midwives who qualified outside Australia must be registered with AHPRA to continue their employment as nurses in Australia. Some Nurses and Midwives might require Australian Nursing registration prior to applying for the Australian Visa.
The current registration model is due to change with introduction of new stages to the registration process.


The orientation program

AHPRA has announced that in early 2020, a new assessment model will come into force. The assessment will be vaguely based on current criteria, with greater emphasis placed on applicants’ nursing qualifications and their equivalency to the Australian education standards as well as suitability for the Australian Nursing registration. Applicants whose qualifications are found to meet the Australian standards, will be required to complete the orientation program.
The program will consist of three stages. It is understood that the first stage, which is an introduction to the Australian healthcare system might need to be completed prior to the registration. The second stage, which covers the diversity of Australian culture is one of the initial registration conditions. The final stage is to be provided by the Australian employer based on AHPRA guidance.


Registration exams

From January 2020, overseas nurses whose qualifications are assessed as relevant but not substantially equivalent will be required to go through an Outcome Based Assessment (OBA).
It appears that bridging courses will no longer be offered to those with qualifications not meeting the registration criteria. Instead, applicants would be required to take exams, which would involve cognitive and behavioural assessment. The cognitive assessment is a computer-based multiple choice exam. The second stage is a behavioural assessment in the form of an objective clinical examination requiring applicants to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and competence of a graduate level Australian Nurse or midwife.
The OBA structure, costs and providers are to be announced in due course.

In addition to the above, nurses qualified outside Australia must meet other registration criteria, such as revised English language standards requirements, recency of practice or criminal history standard.

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