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Moving to Regional Australia  – Migrating to Australia

The Australian Government has been actively looking at trying to limit migration to the major cities. The move is to help Australian Regional areas to fill local skills shortages and ease strain on big cities like Sydney or Melbourne.

New Regional Visas to be introduced in November 2019, including:

– subclasses 491 (Skilled Work Regional (Provisional))
– subclass 494 (Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional))
– subclass 191 (Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional))

Current subclasses 489 (Skilled Migrant Regional Visa ) and 187 (Employer Nomination) are to be repealed.

The new Regional Visas may be seen by some as needing to go to an Isolated area where no one really lives. This is certainly not the case as a move to the regional area has a lot more benefits than the city alternatives. Moving to Regional Australia has many benefits, including:

– More long term job opportunities
– Cheaper and generally larger houses
– Less traffic and pollution
– A better and cleaner quality of life
– The chance to gain a great sense of community
– Better choice of outdoor activities
– Safer environment for children

In the past, moving to Regional Australia has meant that you would miss out on opportunities to shop or attend cultural events. A lot of the festivals are now held in regional areas and with online shopping you can get the same deals and fashions as those in the city.

The big benefits though come from the strong community that come from being in the smaller towns and cities outside of the major capitals.

An example of a place that may not have been looked at but lies in the Regional Area is Mackay ( ). We have previously sent clients there and they are loving their new life there. Mackay sits on the edge of the great Barrier Reef and has fantastic beaches as well as weather. It is a smaller city but still has a lot going on. There are also many places to visit along the coast and even inland if you wanted to look at the more rural parts of Australia.

There is also Bendigo and Ballarat in Victoria both again smaller cities outside Melbourne ( ; . These cities both have beautiful buildings left over from their times as major hubs of the Gold rush era in the 1800’s. They are also relatively close to Melbourne so they would be an easy car or train trip away.

Not many people are aware that the whole of South Australia is classed as a regional area. Adelaide or Port Augusta are fantastic places to settle and raise a family ( )

With the Australian Government policy aiming at reducing the number of migrants settling in metropolitan cities, relocating to Regional Australian might soon become the only option for those wishing to emigrate Down Under. Many clients welcome a change and prospect of settling in a smaller and quitter area. Migrants willing to move to Regional Areas would get extra points which would certainly help to apply for the Visa. Employers in Reginal Areas would also receive incentives, such as quicker Visa application assessments time.

Our team at Emigrate to Australia at Taylor Hampton Solicitors  can work with you to look at Australian Visa options in the various Australian States to match up both your skills with an area that you can go to. Call us today on 0207 427 5290 email us on [email protected]

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