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Relocating to Australia?



You may consider falling house prices as one of the reasons of relocating to Australia now.


There are a number of factors to consider when relocating to Australia. House prices are certainly one of them. Good news is houses are getting cheaper in the Major Cities in Australia

A recent article on the ABC commented on the fall in House prices in the capital cities in most states.

In the past Housing has been on the rise so has meant that it was difficult for people who had newly relocated to Australia to take a bit more time to consider options when deciding where to live in Australia.

This means that it is a good time to be looking at Emigrating to Australia. The report mentioned that prices have fallen 1% in the regions and 9% in the Cities in November.

Another recent article also mentions that House prices are also likely to fall in 2019. Fitch ratings group made the prediction that House prices would fall another 5% over 2019.

This certainly adds to the reasons to Migrate to Australia in the coming year.

The biggest falls were seen in Melbourne and Sydney.

This is likely to continue to be the case at the moment as the Housing Market has been overheated for a while in Australia. Which has been the view of most commentators.

So if you are looking to relocate to Australia in the near future a declining Housing market in the short term is good news.

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