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Trade Occupations In Demand For Australian Visa

Thousands of Visa places remains unfilled for Trade Occupations

Each year, the Australian Department allocates Visa places for certain occupations in demand. Whilst some occupations, such as IT, Accountants and Engineers are very popular, many Visa places remain available especially for trade occupations.

Up to now, there are many trade occupations that has not reached their quota, for example in the current financial year there are 6,099 places available for motor mechanics with only 17 invitations being issued up to November 2018. Similarly, out of 6,989 places for Metal Fitters and Mechanics, only 8 has been filled. Other trade occupations with available places include: Panelbeaters, Steel and Welding Trade Workers, Carpenters, Plumbers and Electricians, Painters and Decorators and others:

The Skilled Migrant Visa, which is the most popular and beneficial Australian Visa is points tested. With the Visa pass mark  increase to 65 points on 1 July 2018, many prospective migrants struggle to achieve the required points. Most applicants these days must sit an approved English language test to reach the required Visa points. Achieving the high marks in the English language test is challenging for many, even highly qualified native English speakers. Most applicants, however manage to achieve the scores with a little bit of help and preparation.

Are you an experienced trade worker looking to move to Australia? Contact us for help with your Australian Visa application.


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