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by Greg Veal
MARA Agent , IAA Adviser ‘Emigrate to Australia’ (Taylor Hampton Solicitors). MARN 0744603. IAA 201100674
11th November 2016


Australia’s economy is still growing* and opportunities for work and more outdoor living remain. Most of the construction trades continue to be on the Immigration Departments Skilled Occupations List and many Professional graduate skilled workers are also in demand, for now. Opportunities are also present in regional areas.


Australia has historically been cushioned from many of the Global crisis, partly by distance, attitude and policies and continues to demonstrate some growth and resilience this year. No one knows for certain what will happen over the next couple of years with the Brexit rollercoaster and US election results, to name but a few localised political storms creating ripple effects across the globe. Australia has slowed across a number of measures but has scope for future growth and still offers potential for skilled and motivated workers to meet their aspirations.


Political and economic uncertainty are more frequently stated this year by my clients as reasons to migrate to Australia or New Zealand by spouse applicants, skilled workers and businesses. With concerns over migration taking centre stage in countries around the world and calls to tighten the process and criteria yet further in many, including Australia, if you are eligible to go to Australia and you would like to live and work out there, consider taking the opportunity available to you now. Becoming one of Australia’s valued skilled migrants and contributing to Australia’s society and success can offer many rewards and opportunities. At Emigrate to Australia we can help guide you through this often complex and changing visa application process.


If you are a skilled tradesperson and want to enjoy the opportunities for both work and play a visa for Australia has to offer both skilled single migrants and families read on. If you are an experienced and qualified Electrician, Plumber, Bricklayer, Carpenter and or Joiner, Painter, Wall and Floor Tiler, Other Tradesperson or Other experienced graduate professionals then contact out team at Emigrate to Australia of Taylor Hampton Solicitors to find out how we can help you. Fill in our assessment form
[email protected]


or call 020 73275970 and we can look at your best options for a move Down Under.


* ‘In Australia, the economy is growing at a moderate rate. The large decline in mining investment is being offset by growth in other areas, including residential construction, public demand and exports. Household consumption has been growing at a reasonable pace, but appears to have slowed a little recently. Measures of household and business sentiment remain above average.


Labour market indicators continue to be somewhat mixed. The unemployment rate has declined this year, although there is considerable variation in employment growth across the country.’ 1st November 2016. Statement by Philip Lowe, Governor: Monetary Policy Decision. RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia)


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