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Vetassesss Skills Assessment

Changes to deeming date calculations – 14th February 2019

VETASSESS assesses post-secondary educational qualifications and employment against the requirements of nominated occupations under the General Skilled Migration (points tested) program, Employer Sponsored, Graduate Migrant and Temporary Graduate Visa.

The assessment involves considering the applicants post-secondary qualification/s and relevant employment history against the requirements of their nominated occupation.
Vetassess makes determination on how the applicants’ qualifications and work experience compare against Australian standards and whether those are suitable for the application under the relevant Visa program.

A positive assessment of both qualifications and work experience is required for a successful outcome.

On 1st January 2015, Vetassess introduced a “deeming date”. The deeming date is a determination as to when the applicant is deemed to have reached a “skilled level”. This was calculated based on the applicant’s qualification and employment evidence provided within the last 10 years. The deeming date consisted of month and year only which often caused uncertainty as to the exact date when the applicant became skilled.

As of 14th February 2019,Vetassess’ assessment letter will specify the exact date, including day, month and year for the Date Deemed Skilled “to align with the Department of Home Affairs requirement for the date an applicant’s employment is considered ‘skilled’.

The deeming date will be determined based on official documents supplied with the application.

Vetassess also confirmed that in some cases employment beyond 10 years may be taken into account, however this would mainly benefit applicants with continuous employment with one employer within the last 10 years.

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