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Australia Visa Age limit for Working Holiday Makers increase for Canada and Ireland

Following an announcement in December 2016 regarding the age increase for applicants for the Australian Working Holiday Visa (WHM), a new legal instrument was introduced on 31st October. Up to 1st November 2018, the WHM Australia Visa age limit was 30 years of age for all eligible passport holders. Under the new rule, the WHM Australia Visa age limit remains at 30 for most holders of eligible passports. Under the reciprocal agreement the two countries which agreed to implement the age increase so far is Canada and Ireland. For eligible applicants with passports from Canada or Ireland the new age limit has been increased to 35 years of age. The new rule comes in force on 1st November 2018 (Migration LIN 18/173: Arrangements for Working Holiday Visa Applications Instrument 2018).

To apply for Working Holiday Visa, applicants must meet all relevant Visa criteria, including no dependants and no criminal record.

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