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Australia Opens Border

For the first time in two years Australia has opened its borders across all states and territories around the country and re-joined the Commonwealth by allowing its residents out and welcoming the rest of the world in.

This has come as a great relief to travellers, migrating homeowners and working professionals around the world who are seeking to relocate to, or visit Australia. Ordinary Australians welcome the news of whom many have found the last two years in isolation difficult to support within industries across the sector. Therefor it is a great time to travel or migrate to Australia.

What does it mean for migrating workers?

If you are looking to work in Australia, the national opening of borders will allow you the opportunity to apply to work in various states, depending on your industry. The immigration process for skilled workers is detailed and must be navigated with a fine-toothed comb. Entry requirements vary from state to state, so be sure to thoroughly check your status against the requirements to see if you are eligible to work in Australia.

The occupation lists are extensive, for example, New South Wales accepts skilled occupants from a wide range of professionals including librarians, pharmacists, midwives, dental practitioners and teachers.

Get in touch with our Australian Migration Agents to assist you with the Skilled Worker visa application process from start to finish. Contact us on 0207 427 5290 or email us: [email protected] 

What are the travel requirements?

To ensure entry, you must be sure to have:

  • Relevant visa
  • Proof of up-to-date vaccinations/ or/ relevant exemption

Along with the relevant visa, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said

“You will need to provide that proof of vaccination. Your visa is one thing but your entry into Australia requires you also to be double vaccinated.”

Are unvaccinated travellers welcome?

If you are unvaccinated you will need to quarantine in a hotel if you are granted permission to enter Australia.

Proof of medical exemption is required, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said.

“To be clear, we are absolutely welcoming back fully vaccinated visa holders. For those who are not vaccinated, they will have to provide proof that there is a medical reason that they cannot be vaccinated,” she said.

If you want to migrate to Australia and use a trusted and certified Migration Agent (MARA Agent) please call 0207 427 5290 or email us: [email protected] at Emigrate to Australia, part of the immigration department at Taylor Hampton Solicitors

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