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Australia’s Migration Program 2022-2023

Australia’s 2022-23 Migration Program was carefully designed to boost the social and economic outcomes that meet Australia’s needs. In fact, the migration programme launched in 1945 following the aftermath of World War 2. Given this long history, it is worth understanding how this works if you want to emigrate to Australia.  We explain this in more detail below.

Photo of australian citizen Australia migration programme

Australian Migration programme 2022-23

What is Australia’s Migration Program 2022-23?

Australia, like much of the world, sustained problems with the furore surrounding Covid 19. Consequently, Australia’s Migration Program sets in play a planning level to stimulate the economy.

This translates into a planning level of 160,000 places for the 2022-23 Migration Program with the following categories:

  • Skilled (109,900 places)

These visas include a list of occupation that vary from state to state. They depend on where you want to work and what you do professionally. For instance, you could find that Australia offers you a rare opportunity to work in your chosen profession. The lists are extensive this year, such as in New South Wales, so be sure to do your research ahead of applying.

  • Family (50,000 places)

From 2022-23 there are estimated to be 40,500 Partner visas, but it is not subject to a ceiling.

There are estimated to be 3,000 Child visas estimated, but together with Partner visas, the demand is likely to be high, so this figure is not subject to a ceiling.

  • Special Eligibility (100 places)

This visa includes special circumstances, such as a permanent resident returning after a long time abroad.

The 2022-2023 Migration Program Federal Budget

(as seen on Australia’s Home Affairs website)

Australian migration

Australian Migration


Australia’s immigration system is unique and constantly in flux, with each State updating their skilled worker requirements routinely through the immigration system.


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